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Cancer... Let's Talk

That dreaded and powerful word. Attached with it fear, anxiety, pain, hate resentment.

We hear or know of someone whom has been diagnosed with it or fighting it.

Our words “oh no that’s sooo sad” or if it’s a good prognosis “ that’s so lucky “ but we never go beyond that because off the fear of not knowing what to say maybe? Fear thinking more then you want to think off even? Or maybe we feel contributions towards amazing cancer charities will help instead? help cancer prevention or a person you know or sadly knew? –

But the honest truth is we don’t ‘really’ know- what if their escapism from the fears they live, is talking? what if their freedom is having a voice? to be heard? listened to or just even talking about what that day means for them? Do we ever go beyond understanding what comes with this monster of disease that carries such emotions. The fight, the reality , the realism, acceptance? –

So when a dear friend of mine asked me to share her sister Claire’s story, I didn’t think twice. is Claire’s escapism, her expression, her story of not just the disease that riddles her everyday, but her truth, her voice, her identity as a heartbreaking statistic, her voice in her “lottery win “ of clinical trial drugs and the reality of what her life feels like whilst remaining to be positive. The hard hitting truth of her “cancer gap” for when Claire began her incredible fight.

Take time to understand what our fighters want, need and value in their battle. Their truth, their reality and the thought provoking life lived. The disease does not define them. They are positive and inspiring people to teach us how to offer real support in a way that may make a difference for even that day- in that moment.

Please read, share and support this empowering blog not only to feel the journey but importantly how to support and understand what one is going through and what they actually really need. A place to speak, a place to be understood, a place to feel safe, heard and celebrated for their bravery. Let’s not shy away . Lets be brave with them and actually understand beyond the word “cancer”. #learnfromfighters

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